Thank Earth You Cover - 800 dpi - Cropped - Drenched

Format: Paperback / Kindle / iPad / Nook / Kobo / PDF

Paperback238 pages 

First Edition Release Date: February 3rd, 2014


Liberation and abundance bloom in arm’s reach, but a young engineer’s wrists are choked red by the chains of cubical slavery. Brought to his breaking point, he quits and confesses to his disappointed and worried parents that he has no plans of returning to a discipline they hold so dear.

His world butterflies open. Relief and happiness come fast, but his new course remains obscured, and it’s not until five months later, when he takes up with a pack of wolves, that direction begins to emerge. His surroundings become vibrant, lines dissolve, and never feeling so alive he pushes himself to precarious limits. And late one winter night, in the den where the wolves came from, the ex-engineer is confronted by a power that brings him both rapid bliss and the crumbling of his reality. Finding himself is a dark and constant battle between sanity and revelation in which he’s not sure what side to take.

Read the first chapter here: Sausage Pressure

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