Bernie’s Burgeoning Bathroom Cults < Right click for MP3 download

Well the wheel’s been spinning in the cage all week,
But it’s time to hit the feeder so they call it up quick,
The price don’t matter, it’s all about the results,
And in time they reach the burgeoning bathroom cults,
They say it’s just a phase, say it’s just short term,
But the weeks go by, makes it less and less firm,
Fooling themselves, they’re gonna cheat the clock,
but instead they flash forward, memories forgot.
Ooooo, girl.  This is some sweet smooth stuff…  You ready?… 
Let’s make this night reaaall nice…  Come on with me.   
Roll that dollar now (4x)
Another one down (4x)
Well it’s 5 am and morning’s sneakin’,
They don’t wanna ever think about leavin’,
They just wanna dance with each other,
And make this feeling last forever,
They turn to the ways that got them there,
Everybody joins with the color of the hare,
It don’t matter if they become dependent,
They just wanna squeeze out one more moment.
Just… Just one more… Just one more moment
I just… I just wanna get… Just wanna get… ONE MORE.
Roll that dollar now (4x)
Another one down (4x)
Well time’s gonna finally catch up to them,
Cuz they’ll never keep livin till 6 am,
So he piles it on and gets real numb,
And all she wants is this level of fun.
But they’re blind to the changes that are going on,
Crashed down hard, they miss the blood red sun,
I think it’s too late to stop the craving,
Cuz they’re already too used for saving.
It’s fine man…  I’ll be fine…  Just let me…
 Just let me get a little sleep. 
I’ll be ready for tonight…  No worries.
Roll that dollar now (4x)