Personal Ethos:

At The Pennsylvania State University (2002-2007), I learned that bananas are radioactive and obtained degrees in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. Thirty minutes after my final college exam, I sped south at 80 miles per hour back down to Austin, TX — a place I’ll always call home.

For the next five years I led a double life: a mechanical consulting engineer during the week, a stubbornly progressive and opening mind otherwise. The crystallizing dichotomy eventually broke me. I soon left the cubicle world to gain time and the freedom to create my own way, to find what I really wanted in this crazy ride.

What have I found? Film and literature. Bliss and depression. Addiction and elixirs. The spectral and fractal qualities of life. True unpredictability. Anxious instability. But at some nebulous point, a new identity. Power. And how long someone can live on a hundred grand.

Site Ethos:

We are so fortunate to be alive in this century, to be placed in this crucial juncture. As our white fingers cling to the arrow of Moore’s Law, new, profound ideas and technological implementations pulverize our previous landscapes daily.

What is Drenched In Electricity?

We are. Everything is. Especially now.

It is the constant minutiae, the bombardment of information, the chains that weigh us down. It is the regret we have. It is the lives we don’t lead. But it is also the newly found global connectivity. It is the exponential acceleration. It is the realization of the “feeding-back-on-itself” generation. It is both being conscious of the overwhelming beauty of our present and uncovering the true potential of the human mind.

Are you drenched?

-Armand Daigle


Top Photo Courtesy of Erin Molloy Photography